«Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress» in Bordeaux in 2015.

ITS World Congress, World Congress dedicated to intelligent transportation, will be held in Bordeaux in 2015. After Vinexpo, it will be the second largest conference ever hosted in the capital of Aquitaine.


ITS is the integration of information and communications technology with transport infrastructure, vehicles and users in order to improve the transport system as a whole including issues related to road safety, traffic efficiency, environmental issues and system and infrastructure security.
This excellent result was achieved thanks to an initiative led by the Topos association. This association was set up by the Regional Council to bring together firms and laboratories in Aquitaine concerned by the economic, scientific, and industrial benefits of the European Galileo project, in which over half the expected applications are transport-related.
ERTICO, the organizers of this congress, recently announced their preference for the Bordeaux venue, following a close contest with two other major European cities: Copenhagen and Milan.
Topos and the Bordeaux Gironde Convention Bureau launched the process in March 2010, by informing ERTICO, the European association in charge of organizing the congress, that Bordeaux was a candidate location.
The working group set up to promote this candidacy then started toiling down the long road to approval, overcoming each obstacle in turn, right to the finish line.
The BGCB and TOPOS, with the strong support of the Intelligent Transport Unit at the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport, and Housing ( MEDDTL), as well as the Aérospace Valley Competitiveness cluster, brought together a local team with wide-ranging expertise, starting with the CETE du Sud Ouest, the ministry's ITS research centre, located in Saint Médard en Jalles, Congrès et Expositions de Bordeaux, who manage the Exhibition Centre, Bordeaux-Gironde Investissement, and the following local authorities, who are highly motivated by the issue of ITS and the expected economic and industrial benefits of the event:

  • Aquitaine Regional Council,
  • Gironde General Council,
  • Bordeaux Urban Community,
  • and Bordeaux City Hall

A large number of businesses in the ITS field from all over Europe supported Bordeaux' bid to host the congress.
The last ITS World Congress, in South Korea, attracted 8,000 participants from 60 countries, as well as 160 journalists. After Vienna in 2012, the 2015 World Congress will be held at the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre, occupying almost the entire complex, including 20,000 m² exhibition space and around 20 meeting rooms, as well as a number of demonstration areas.
The economic impact of the event on Bordeaux and the urban district is estimated at around 6 M€.

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